2012.9.8 “Dohyo Festival” tour will take place. See Yokozuna Sumo wrestlers up close! 大相撲の三役以上の力士と、土俵を間近で見ることができる「土俵祭り」の見学会

“Dohyo Festival” tour to take place Saturday, September 8th. See Yokozuna Sumo wrestlers up close!
大相撲の三役以上の力士と、土俵を間近で見ることができる「土俵祭り」の見学会を9/8 (土)に実施

Have your photo taken with sumo wrestlers and receive their autographs.

■Meeting Time &Place
  9:30am , Saturday, September 8th.
 Meeting point: Outside the west gates of the JR Sobu line, Ryogoku station.

■ Program
1.Dohyo Festival

The Dohyo Festival is a ground-breaking festival for a new Dohyo held the day prior to a sumo tournament beginning. The Dohyo Festival is a ceremony in which participants pay homage to the deity of the earth and ask permission to use it. It is also an opportunity to pray for a safe, incident-free time for the 15 days of the tournament.

Executives of The Japan Sumo Association, judges and sumo wrestlers from the highest 3 ranks attend the Dohyo Festival. A sumo referee (gyoji) adorns the attire of a Shinto priest and leads the ritual. After the gyoji says a Shinto prayer (norito), they pour sacred sake in all four corners of the Dohyo as a gift to the deities of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Afterwards, the gyoji buries washed rice, dried squid, dried kelp, salt, kaya nut and chestnuts, soaks them in sacred sake and says a prayer.

2.Replacement of Champion Wrestlers' Photos.

The photos in the venue of the previous season’s champions are taken down and replaced with new ones. At this point, visitors have the opportunity to take photos with the sumo wrestlers and receive their autographs.








■Workshop fee: 4,000 yen (includes lunch)

■Contact us for your application or questions:

The secretariat of Greenware Academy Corporation(in charge: Ichiro Kondo)
E-mail :tours@studying-in-japan.com
Please notify the name of the representative person of the group, the number of the participants, nationality, and the contact telephone number.

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